Incredible Cartoon Productions From The Past

By Sarah Brigham

Cartoons are the very essence of entertaining television. They inspire our imagination and can't help but make us smile with their slapstick jokes.

Some of the oldest cartoons can still compete with modern productions. There are cartoons from way back with clever animation, well scripted plots, a great variety of voices and music that fits each scene perfectly.

Let's remind ourselves of three well known cartoons that we loved when we were young. These are all classics that I'm sure you'll appreciate in one way or another. Without further ado, here they are.

The Jetsons were a big favorite from the 1960s. It was great fun to watch this space age family deal with its problems. I watched it as a child in the 1980s and it was like being projected into the future.

We really enjoyed watching the portrayal of life for the Jetsons out in the cosmos, and we didn't find it too hard to believe, either.

If you watch an episode of Popeye, you might have trouble believing it was made over 50 years ago, so much work was put into it. The show always gave us a great confrontation of good and evil.

Popeye always had to battle against Bluto for Olive Oil's affections. When he'd topped up on spinach, Popeye was like Clark Kent as Superman. Children would love watching his heroics after a can of spinach.

Finally, let's not forget Looney Toons. The ultimate in classic cartoons, it has the legendary character, Bugs Bunny, who by no means looks his age.

Every Looney Toons episode has an excellent script and it's clear that great attention to detail was put into its making. - 31981

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Freelance Illustrator Greece - Thodoris Tibilis

By Kerisha Collins

This Children's, Lifestyle and Cartoon Illustrator, Thodoris Tibilis can be located in Athens, Greece. His main attraction is his typical illustration work, mixed with a bit of digital enhancement.

He is been awarded many times for his freelancer Illustration work, mostly worldwide for advertising agencies. Thodoris specialises in commercial stylised illustration and character and mascot design for children and teenagers.He has been awarded, both as an individual illustrator as well as a participant in commercial advertising projects including Astrid, Ermis, EVGE awards.

He has designed illustrations for advertising agencies such as BBDO, Ogilvy & Mather, Magnet, FCB, DDB, McCann Erickson, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Leo Burnett. His illustrations have been used for a wide variety of clients such as Fiat, Unilever, Heinz, WRC, The Coca Cola company, Procter & Gamble, Algida, Carrefour, New York Lottery and many others.

His working techniques include mainly computer generated art, with the use of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. He will also use sculpture, oils, pastels, photography, watercolours, pencils and acrylics, in his pieces of artwork. Thodoris has worked in the animation field and has also created illustrations for CD covers, T-shirts, merchandising for toys, greeting cards, multimedia applications, posters, fairytale and educational books, stickers and magazines.

His work has been featured in many publications, which include Symbol, Fun Creations, Prestige Politis, Compupress S.A., Pixel, Popeye and many, many more. Thodoris work stands out in the crowd and has that effect of pulling you into viewing each and everyone of his designs.

With work like this, there is no doubt to where Thodoris has had project invitations from. Just look at the the clients and customers, who have required his skills for designs. Fiat, Unilever, Heinz, WRC, The Coca Cola company, Athens 2004 Olympic games, Procter & Gamble, Algida, Carrefour, New York Lottery, BBDO, Ogilvy & Mather, Magnet, FCB, DDB, McCann Erickson, Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, WRC, Fiat, Procter & Gamble, Oxford University Press, Unilever, Heinz, Glenfiddich, Algida, Carrefour, Popeye magazine and many, many more.

Thodoris Tibilis is available for commercial advertising projects, character and mascot design, conceptual drawings, illustrations for video games, board games and merchandising. Feel free to view his work and contact him via the portfolio site.

- 31981

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Are You Watching Bleach?

By Chris Heltin

Bleach is a popular cartoon with teenagers in the US and Asia. Ichigo Kurusaki is the main character of the show, a teenager who goes to school and has many friends. He lives quite the regular live untill certain events happen that will alter his life.

Ichigo has no mother, she died when he was very young. His mother plays a integral part of one of the episodes. He lives with his two sisters and his father.

Ichigo has a special gift; his spirit energy is so high that he can see dead spirits walking around. One day he is visited by a soul reaper from the soul society who came to finish of Hollows.

Hollows are dead spirits who still roam around on earth and have not gone to Hueco Mundo. This is the place where souls go after a human's demise.

The job of the soul reapers is to send these Hollows to Hueco Mundo, the different dimension. Soul reapers come from the soul society.

Soul Society is where all the different soul reapers live. They train and follow orders from generals and lieutenants. They try to keep the balance of life on earth and are not known by the people of earth.

Soul reapers use weapons that have hidden powers called bankai. These powers are unique to the weapons they wield. These powers are interesting and some reapers have better powers then others. But in the end it comes to how skilled the wielder of the weapon is.

How does all this tie into with Ichigo? During a tragic situation, Kurusaki gains soul reaper powers and starts battling Hollows. He also battles other soul reapers to save his friend. It would be too much to battle Hollows, soul reapers, go to school, and keep the grades up.

Ichigo has his friends who he knows from school who help him with these battles.

Rukia Kuchiki is a good friend of the main character. She is a soul reaper who lended Ichigo her powers. Chad is another good friend of Ichigo. He is tall guy who is very powerful. Orihime and Ishida are two other good friends of Ichigo.

Bleach is a cartoon that you should be watching now. - 31981

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Show You Care-a-Lot with Care Bear Checks

By Alan Plastin

It's hard to believe that Care Bears have been around for almost 30 years. It seems like only yesterday that the fuzzy little cheer-spreading bears were first introduced to the public. Today, if you're nostalgic about the "good old days" of when you were a child, or you just find them cute a loveable, you can even carry the Care Bears on your personal checks.

The Care Bears first came onto the scene in 1981. The American Greetings Company as a carton feature for their greeting cards invented them. However, they soon rose in popularity and stuffed animals were made in 1983. Each brightly colored bear featured "tummy symbols" that spoke of their distinctive personalities. Although each one was different, all Care Bears fought for the same mission-to spread caring and good feelings all over the world.

The Care Bears lived in the fantasy world in the clouds called Care-A-Lot. They also had "cousins", who were not just bears, which lived in the Forest of Feeling. The cousins were not introduced until the Care Bear's first movie. The original Care Bears were Cheer Bear, Bedtime Bear, Birthday Bear, Grumpy Bear, Love-a-Lot Bear, Wish Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Funshine Bear, Friend Bear, and Good Luck Bear.

Along with their popular television show, which ran for three years, the Care Bears also had three feature films: The Care Bears Movie, The Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation, and the Care Bears' Adventure in Wonderland.

Along the way, the Care Bears have been re-launched twice to the public. Each time, a new generation of children has been able to get to know them. Other new bears are added as they are re-launched.

The Care Bears are also known around the world. Their merchandise and cartoons have been shown in Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Iceland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, China, the Czech Republic, and Finland-just to name a few!

The Care Bear merchandise is nearly as popular as the Care Bear cartoons and movies. Who doesn't love these cute little good tiding spouting characters? If you, too, are a fan then there's no better way to share a Care Bear hug than to give out a personal check with their image. The checks generally come with Cheer Bear, Share Bear, Good Luck Bear, and Grumpy Bear.

These brightly colored uplifting checks are covered in rainbows and hearts. They also have traditional Care Bear messages like "Have a Rainbow Day!", "Caring is Sharing!", and "Share Some Fun!" Even the most jaded person couldn't help but smile when receiving one of these checks.

You might also want to think about purchasing a checkbook cover to go with your checks. Care Bear checkbook covers currently come in white leather and feature the original Care Bears. If you want to go a step further, a coin purse is also available with Grumpy Bear.

It has been expensive to order personal checks in the past, but now it isn't the case. You can now order online and save up to 50% off of the price that you would pay at your local bank branch. All you need is your bank account number and your routing number. Your checks can get to you in as little as 3-5 days. - 31981

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Who Is Spongebob Squarepants?

By Bobtie Nies

Spongebob is a light hearted and happy sea sponge who lives in the ocean. He has a couple of friends and always finds himself in interesting situations. His favorite hobby is practicing karate.

He works at the Krusty Krabs as a fry cook.

Just looking at Spongebob will make you laugh. He has skinny feet, but a square body and head. He also hs an annoying voice and a unique laugh. This is what makes him stand out from all of his friends.

At the beginning of a new episode you usually will see him wake up in his pineapple house.


Patrick is a purple starfish who has known Spongebob for a while now. He is pretty clumsy and goofy looking, but when it comes to helping his friends, he tries his best.


Sandy is a squirrel who lives in the ocean and meets Spongebob while she was exploring her vicinity. The two quickly became friends and Spongebob found out that she needs oxygen to breathe.

Sandy is an expert in karate and had challenged Spongebob to a karate showdown.

Mr. Krabs

Spongebob his money hungry boss is called mr. Krusty. He is a crab who runs the restaurant and is very cheap. He tries to use Spongebob and Squidward to make him a lot of money, while giving them a menial salary.


Squidward is the arrogant sea animal of the cartoon. He does not like working at the Krusty Krabs and hates his boss. In the first episode he even tries to persuade mr. Krabs in not hiring Spongebob. He has little to no friends and is quite happy with it.

Another thing that makes the cartoon so fun to watch is that abnormal things happen that normally would be impossible. Some of these things are talking fish and houses in which sea creatures live.

Spongebob and his friends make this a really funny cartoon. There are many jokes that will fly over the head of young watchers, but most of them will be understood. - 31981

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Spiderman His Most Interesting Enemies

By Bill Torbon

Spiderman is not the only famous character many fans know. The super villains he meets are also very famous in there own right. These villains are very diverse.

Many of the villains are so popular that they have gotten their own side story to either elaborate on their lives or to show their history on how they became the way they are now. Lets look at some of these villains now.

Dr. Octopus

Dr. Otto Octavius was a respected scientist that had Peter Parker as a student. One of his experiments went terribly wrong and it killed his wife. Dr. Octavius thought that spider-man was at fault and swore his life to defeating him.

Ocatavius has mechanical appendages that he uses to overpower his enemies. These appendages are connected to his spine, so he can control them with his mind.


Mac Gargan, a human at first, went through DNA mutation at the hands of an experiment. What he gained in strength and swiftness, he lost in sanity. During the experiment he had a scorpion suit on. This suit merged with his body and became permanent.


This is not the ordinary super villain. Mysterio uses the skills that he has learned at his job to fight enemies. Mysterio used to work as a special effects expert. His whole image is a mystery. Just looking at his strange suit you will see what I mean.


This alien symbiote called venom got in contact with spider-man. Peter Parker should have known better then to trust his powers to venom. The name says it all, venom was an parasite to his life. It turned spider-man insane and he had to let venom go.

Venom looks like black liquid that can move around and stick to any human it comes in contact with.

Green Goblin

Norman Osborne experimented with different ways to get power; the result was the Green Goblin. In this process he lost his insanity and blames everything on spiderman.

The Green Goblin has many different weapons, but uses his bombs and flying device the most.

Everybody has their own favorite super villains in the spiderman saga. It is really hard to choose the best super villain because all of them have their own super powers and stories that are very interesting. - 31981

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Bat-man Who Is He?

By Bill Torbon

When it comes to criminal behavior in Gotham City, there is only one man who can deal with these knuckleheads and that is Batman. Not only does he try to save his city, he also puts his own life at risk doing it. So who is batman?

Bruce Wayne is Batman, he is an extremely rich man which he has amassed from real estate. He is a strong man who also has weapons and gadgets designed for him. He lives in a big mansion and seems very closed of to the outer world.

Even though the cartoons and movies make him look extraordinary, he is just human and does not have any super powers. He uses his intellect and physical strength to overpower his enemies, not to mention his awesome gadgets.

By looking at his costume you will understand why he is called Batman. Most of his gadgets also support his name.

He also has a sidekick named Robin. Another one of his allies is batwoman.

Many new fans do not know that Batman is quite old, they might know him from the recent cartoons, but Batman has been on the scene since the 1940's. Another super hero that was introduced at that time was Super Man.

Batman fights many bad guys, but the worst of the worst is undoubtedly the Joker. He is a cruel and very scary enemy of batman, who likes to mock everybody. He looks like a clown with his weird make up on, but not a fun loving clown. He looks like a sinister character that is always up to no good.

Batman came on the scene in comic books, way before cartoons or cheesy batman and robin shows that showed words on screen like wack and pow.

There was a time where comic book sales were down the slumps and the chance was almost certain that Batman comic books were going to get cancelled. Good thing he survived.

But Batman survived and has become a famous super hero that has both young and old fans. He has become a household name and expect to see more from him in the near future. - 31981

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